Welcome to Kennybus Biography. Here you will have an opportunity to find out about kennybus in his natural smoking habitat.

NAME: Kennybus

DAY JOB: I travel into time to find alien technological advances and bring them home to improve life on earth (if i remember).

AGE: I have been around for longer then you may think.

FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR: Summer Time, because i can smoke Large Outside.

HOBBIES: Smoke Grass, Smoke and Fly, Smoke grass creatively, Trip out, and Listen to music, Meditate, March in protests, a good adventure and a Good Smoke.

PROBLEMS: Sometimes I smoke so much that I lose things like my keys, car and mind.

FAVOURITE BANDS: Clutch, Six Feet Under, Pantera, Danzig,White Zombie, Zombie, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Soulfly, Tool, Type O Negative, Alice in Chains, Nirvana

FAVORITE MOVIES: Army Of Darkness, Lost Boys, Gremlins NightBreed, Aliens, The Warriors, Mad Max, House Of a 1000 Corpses, Ice Pirates, Anything Star Wars and Ghostbusters because I ain 't afraid of no FUCKIN' Ghost...but I would probably shit and piss my pants if I ran into a real scary one. But after that I would pull myself back together and start slam dancing into the ENTITY.

FREAKY FACT: Sometimes when i smoke weed the voices talk to ME.

WEIRDEST EXPERIENCE: True story one time I was smoking weed outside in a snow storm with a friend, next thing you know we hear a very scary scream and this huge Snow Monster crashes out of the forest and runs over to us, we fight it but in the end my buddy was picked up by the snow monster like a football and was carried away heading towards his cave. ( you should have seen it, my friend was kicking his feet and was so scared ) my friend then elbowed the snow monster in the side and was dropped like a 24 case of beer in the snow. Listen hear for the sounds of that Snow monster.

WORDS OF ADVICE: Watch out for Snow Monsters because they are always looking for tender morsels and stay away from the brown acid.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Life is always a lot of jokes when you have a lot of tokes.

VALUED TRAITS: Friendship, Support, Respect, honesty, comradery.

DISSLIKES: Friends that turn Traitor, Rude People.

GOAL IN LIFE:To one day smoke the most potent smoke in the world called ( Large Marge ).