Welcome to Mike and Mary Jane Biography. Here you will have an opportunity to see what he is all about.

NAME : Mike

DAY JOB : I work in a dung heap.

AGE : I have been around for longer then you may think.


HOBBIES : Ballroom Dancing, walks in the park and forest, sight seeing, play video games, masturbate talk about because nothing beats a conversation about masturbation)

PROBLEMS : I am a CRONIC masturbator.

FAVOURITE BANDS : Clutch, Six Feet Under, Pantera, Danzig,White Zombie, Zombie, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Soulfly, Tool, Type O Negative, Alice in Chains


FREAKY FACT : Internet porn was made for ugly people like you and me for masturbation purposes.

WEIRDEST EXPERIENCE : True story, one time Marry jane was so upset with me over something that she kneed me in the nuts so hard I flew 20 feet in the air and fell down like a 24 case of beer.

WORDS OF ADVICE : Sometimes Mary Jane has a lot of guts but watch out when she knees you in the nuts.

WORDS OF WISDOM : Be thankful for what you have because there is always someone out there who has it worse.

VALUED TRAITS : Friendship, Respect, honesty.

DISSLIKES : When Mary Jane losses air, she can be a real pain to blow up again.

GOAL IN LIFE :To one day Marry the one I love. (But until then i will be with Marry Jane.)