Welcome to Skull Man video. Here you will have an opportunity to watch the Skull Man in his adventures and natural habitat, ROCKIN' LARGE.
Skull Man finds out what is weird at a weirdo convention. Is that weird? that is not weird at all. Camera Operator Metal Rodrigo.

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Skull Man Rocking Large at Metal Queen Musicfest 2006 in Trudeau Park Tweed with Metal Rodrigo.

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Skull Man Rocking Large at Burning Man 2003. I traveled there with 2 other fellow Rockers, Dr Poo & Smeric to party and to document that point in time. We rocked Large, Loud and proud down there, cranking AMPLE amounts of Heavy Metal, Death Metal and Rock that punked off the squares A.K.A. non metal fans by subjecting them to my music.

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Music by Bloodwurm Song: O Yaa
The Trap. On a cold and shitty day in May just after a very Large rain storm Skull Man and one of his Rocker friends found themselves in a very scary situation. Deep within the woods and far away from civilization in Remote Ontario Canada they found themselves caught in a trap set up by Evil Space Aliens and Zombies.

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Music by: Jeff Allen Song The Creeper
Cardboard car Demolition Derby. Skull Man and his team of good guys take on a team called the Evil Peace's of Shit in a downtown location. This video was video taped by drunken Camera Operators

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Music by: Solus Song Lustmord