Variety Store TV features wacky skits, events, educational messages, interviews, music, and more, brought to you by characters in and around The Variety Store.

The purpose of The Variety Store is to entertain, educate, and inform people by using off-the-wall jokes, characters, skits, interviews, and music. The main target audience is 18- to 35-year-old males who relate to hardcore humour. This comedy show is laid out in skit format, and its segments profile recurring Variety Store characters.

Check out some of these recurring characters and segments:

  • Skull Man's Tip of the Week gives out his own brand of semi-useful information on how to stay safe.
  • Smokers' Corner is an informative on-the-street report about marijuana and smokers' issues.
  • _The Adventures of Mikey Clutch lets viewers watch the trials and tribulations of Mikey and his blow-up doll girlfriend Mary Jane, as they live their lives in today's society (which, surprisingly, still isn't accepting of man/doll relationships).
  • Skull Man's Pit Files profiles mosh pits and interviews bands and their fans.

These weekly segments are interspersed with Variety Store characters who interview Torontonians about current news stories, using both serious and intentionally confusing questions--hilarity ensues!

Overall, this show will entertain people with twisted and chaotic characters and will offer educational messages that are brought out in silly ways. Join us each week at The Variety Store to get your weekly fix of twisted educational humour, mosh pit ratings, music, interviews, local events, and the latest on your favorite Variety Store characters.

In the end, we believe a good laugh may be good for the heart. After conducting intensive humour research, we believe laughter is the best medicine, and the Variety Store is such a show that will entertain the fans.